Undaunted Futures is a non-profit charity organized to support adrift youth through an integrated suite of mentoring experiences.
Undaunted Futures has three goals:


Foster racial and economic equality through mentoring, peer networking, and team-building service projects.


Empower youth to embrace their future with courage, determination, and compassion.


Empower youth toward a more hopeful future of purpose, meaning and service.

Our youth-centered mentoring model will lead to more confident and caring global citizens, more diverse organizations, and greater economic mobility.

Undaunted Future's Values

Creating a Foundation for Lifetime Learning

Education transforms lives and improves economic mobility. Learning and the love of learning are far more than what is taught in school. Integrity, perseverance, tenacity, and perspective are all attributes of lifetime learning. We believe that there are multiple career pathways to leading a fulfilled and successful life.

Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

We evaluate one another on the content of our character. We actively seek to eliminate implicit biases in all ways. We appreciate and respect people of different races, genders, faiths, nationalities, political affiliations, sexual orientations, and all walks of life.

Supporting Collaboration

Teams perform better than individuals. Diverse teams perform even better. We actively listen to all stakeholders to best support our mentors and mentees.

Embodying Servant Leadership

We love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We believe that kindness and humility are contagious; and that we can be the change that we want to see in the world.

Nurturing Global Citizenship

Gaining immersive experiences with diverse cultures opens our eyes to responsible stewardship, the benefits and opportunities in our country, and the caretaker responsibilities that we each have for our planet and fellow human beings.

Promoting Racial & Economic Equity

Many of the problems facing the United States (and globally) are rooted in the problems of racial and economic inequality. We will actively create programs to eliminate bias, empower students, and increase fairness in how our graduates will be treated in the world of work.

We foster racial and economic equity through MENTORING.

Community Partners Committed to Mentoring

Working together to create more confident and kinder global citizens, more diverse organizations, and greater economic mobility through mentoring.

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