Why ourMentoring Program

Many single-point mentoring solutions exist, but the market lacks a unified way of stitching them together to serve the unique needs of the students we serve.  Our mentoring program provides the solution. Their role is integral to the success of individual youth.

“Guides are the adult mentors that provide guidance to student mentees.”
– Pathfinders

Program Elements

  • Mentor candidates undergo extensive selection, interviews, and screening.
  • Mentor candidates complete a rigorous program of training and vetting.
  • Pathfinders Mentors will demonstrate:
    • Mentoring best practices / ensuring confidentiality;
    • Broad understanding of our suite of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), career, life, and future skills solutions;
    • Listening and empathy skills training;
    • Student diagnostic assessment and solution identification; and
    • Collaboration events with other peer mentors to improve the overall mentor program.

Program Overview

From matching a mentor to a youth to building lifelong relationships, we are committed to a program that is effective and valuable.

Student and Mentor Selection

  • Select youth who are a fit for our program
  • Mentor Selection: screening, background checks, and matching

Learning and Mentoring

  • Skills assessment, interests, and career exploration
  • Life skills training
  • Internship or service project with ongoing mentor support
  • Develop career goals and action plans

Lifetime Relationships

  • Enroll in Undaunted Futures alumni network
  • Community networking events and communications
  • Place alumni in jobs; leverage relationships with corporate diversity and inclusion officers

Arrow pointing to the leftProgram Efficacy Feedback Loop

Our Approach

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to mentoring. Since every individual is unique, we encourage student-driven assessments and life skills exploration and encourage our mentees to develop their own “life plan” in a fun and engaging environment.

We believe that the longer a student persists in our program, the more they will benefit. Therefore, we measure weekly engagement and celebrate persistence in our program with annual merit badges. We believe that Undaunted Futures’ badges will be credentials valued by trade schools, community colleges, universities, and employers.