Serve as a Mentor

Being a mentor is an opportunity to both give back and pay it forward. Research shows that service makes you happier. Many report that serving as a mentor has helped them develop their own leadership, networking, and motivational skills. Great mentors …

  • Share knowledge, expertise, skills, and time
  • Guide a Mentee to determine their course
  • Lend an empathetic ear (not necessarily advice)
  • Offer open and honest constructive feedback
  • Motivate a Mentee to reach their full potential

Promote Undaunted Futures in Your Organization

  • Encourage your employees to serve as Mentors
  • Recommend the Undaunted Futures program in your school
  • Share our program with your company/corporate giving or social responsibility teams for investment opportunities
  • Provide internships and jobs for Mentees
  • Endorse our Undaunted Futures’ Credential Program – an indication of mastery of persistence, character development, resilience, organizational skills, and commitment to lifelong learning.
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Make a Monetary Contribution

Benefits include …

  • Each donation allows Undaunted Futures to fulfill our mission of supporting under-served youth
  • Donations go directly to support the development of high-quality mentoring programs that provide turnkey supports to students
  • Undaunted Futures Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity; donations are tax-deductible
  • Name recognition on the Undaunted Futures website (personal or professional)
  • Joining a cadre of current donors, including our Board of Directors. 100% of our Board makes individual, annual contributions to support Undaunted Futures.